Apple Airpods Deals For Black Friday, Cyber Monday 2016: Discounts For Airpods Still Unannounced; No Deals Happening At All?

By V Doctor , Updated Nov 24, 2016 02:35 PM EST

Apple skipped Black Friday in 2015, but is now preparing great deals for the upcoming holiday season, possibly including the Apple AirPods. However, users should not expect the new Apple AirPods to go on sale this year.

CNBC noted that at present, the launch date of the Apple AirPods are still listed in various websites as either "coming soon" or "currently unavailable." Some industry experts speculate that the Apple AirPods will not begin production until December 2017, after Apple stated that they were not prepared to ship the product in October.

The initial production of the wireless earbuds may be at around 10 to 15 million. Apple recently announced that it will have a special shopping event on Black Friday, although it has not yet specified whetherthe Apple AirPods or specific products will go on sale.

The Apple AirPods webpage simply stated that there will be a shopping event on Friday, Nov. 25, 2016. Apple only wrote that it will be a one-day event, although the date was featured on the face of the Apple Watch, hinting that the device will most likely be among the items to come at discounted prices.

Since the Apple AirPods are not slated to release until next year, it will not be part of the 2016 Black Friday sale. However, those who are looking forward to the Apple AirPods may take advantage of gift cards from Apple.

The wireless Apple AirPods are expected to match the Apple iPhone 7, which no longer has a 3.5mm headphone jack. The Apple Black Friday webpage also featured free two-day delivery on in-stock items that are ordered via its online store by 5:00 p.m. Although buyers may not enjoy direct discounts on some products, they can save more on shipping rates instead.

The webpage also included links to curated Holiday Gift collections for Apple products, photography accessories, Music gifts, toys and games. There is also a link to buy Apple gift cards, which may later be used to purchase the upcoming Apple AirPods.

The new Apple deals on Black Friday are not expected to be better than the offers that authorized retailers and vendors will have. More updates and details on the Apple AirPods and Black Friday sale are expected soon.

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