'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Updates: Catch That Pidgey It Might Be A Ditto!; Find Out What This New Pokemon Can Do

By Marrianne Salvador ledesma , Updated Nov 24, 2016 07:47 PM EST

There is now a new reason that would certainly make tons of "Pokemon GO" players come back to the game. For the very first time since "Pokemon GO" was released July this year, another species was added to the game. "Pokemon Go" Ditto is a Pokemon who has the ability to copy other Pokemon.Ditto will pretend to be another type of Pokemon, most likely a Pidgey or Rattata, until someone in your place caught it, so you better catch that Pidgey it might be a Ditto for all you know.

According to The Guardian, if a "Pokemon GO" player in your area was able to catch Ditto, that is the only time the Pokemon will appear in its true form. "Pokemon Go" Ditto is such a powerful Pokemon as it has the ability to copy and steal the moves and abilities of the Pokemon you are against in "Pokemon GO" gym battles. The only exception to this rule is when "Pokemon GO" Ditto is matched against another Ditto.

Additionally, Business Times reports that "Pokemon GO" Ditto only has two skills which are transform and struggle. Aside from the fact that it mirrors the gym defender the player is up battling with, "Pokemon GO" Ditto will also have high CP that depends on the trainer's level and Ditto's health. It is also a fact that even if "Pokemon GO" Ditto copies the skills and moves other Pokemon, it keeps its health and upgrades as well as the stardust, candies and personal trainer level of the player.

On the other hand, "Pokemon GO" Ditto also has a weakness, Firstly, it takes seconds for the Pokemon to transform, which gives its enemy the first strike for the game.Second, "Pokemon GO" Ditto remains the copy of the last Pokemon it morphed until the other Pokemon fainted or the battle is over.

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