Borderlands 2's DLC, Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep out today [Trailer]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jun 25, 2013 11:49 AM EDT

There's nothing like relaxing, and gathering some friends for a nice, quiet, board game. Unless it's Monopoly, that never ends well. And from a new launch trailer, it's much the same case with the focus of Gearbox's final DLC for Borderlands 2, Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.

After disposing of the planet's dictator, and vanquishing the beastly Warrior, the Vault Hunters have gathered for a nice game of Pandoran styled Dungeons & Dragons, Bunkers & Badasses, in the DLC meant to close out the billions, gazillions of guns, and various amounts of wub wub of Borderlands 2.

There's a lot of medieval madness players can expect from this campaign: your new enemy types include skeleton archers and swordsmen, orcs, wizards, knights, golems, giant Spiders, and Dragons (duh).

There will also be redesigned vending machines to fit the fantasy aesthetic, reskins of existing characters featuring renaissance-themed garb, and new dialogue for the Vault Hunters. Each character will respond to Tina's narration in their own way. There's also new uses for Eridium, so don't go spending your haul just yet. Altars gives bonuses when Eridium is spent, Slot Machines that use Eridium and Torgue Tokens (also not featured), and a new type of 'Dice Chest,' based off those crazy multi-faced dice.

And of course, guns, guns, and more guns.

By their nature, DLC's are often brought in to keep the experience fresh, the story going, and players to keep on playing. Traditionally they're additional chapters that can flesh out bits and pieces of the game's story, or add in another one entirely. However, this DLC is about closing the book on Borderlands 2. Said head writer Anthony Burch, "It feels like an epilogue because it's about Tina coming to grips with the fact her friends are dead. It ends in a place that for me feels more conclusive and a moment of grace than the end of the main game which was like, 'Yeah! More vaults to hunt, let's go out there'. I'm very happy with us ending the campaign DLC with this."

The DLC costs players 800 MS Points on Xbox 360 or $9.99 on PC (via Steam) and PS3. It's free to season pass holders. You can check out the DLC's launch trailer below, and keep your eyes peeled for one Vault Hunter's triumphant return.

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