‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Release Date, News & Update: HD Box Arts That Keeps The Secret Of Kingdom Hearts

By nitz , Updated Nov 25, 2016 08:13 PM EST

"Kingdom Hearts 3" director Tetsuya Nomura noted that there is more HD box arts. Not only the compliation show the growth of Sora's character, but actually there is more secret messages hidden that links to the much awaited series.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" fans were getting impatient in waiting the official release though it was said that the series was much awaited that it comes to the point that they even lost interest. But in Japan it's clearly revealed that the popularity of the said game were still very high.

According to GameNGuide "Kingdom Hearts 3" for new comers maybe call it a little bit wacky and even the producers recognized it. As Hashimito mentioned that among fans there were maybe a confussion that's why Square Enix decided to check and evaluated the entire/ whole series before it would comes out to the public.

According to News Everyday, the plot of the game was to complete the gathering of the seven guardians of light. As Goofy and Donald will accompanied Sora to find ways, coz Sora was the only one hope for the "Kingdom Hearts" and to counter the overwhelming darkness and this might be the final struggle between and dark.

There are new techniques shown for the "Kingdom Hearts 3" were the players can use. New protagonists involve in battles, introductory commands for jumping and wall running, summons of power and team combination attack. It also features Rapunzel and Baymax in this game series.

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