‘Longmire’ Season 6 Spoilers, Latest News & Update: Vic Finds New Love, Walt Stays Single?

By Jyotirupa Sarma , Updated Nov 25, 2016 03:44 AM EST

Netflix has confirmed that "Longmire" Season 6 will be the final season for the series. Fans are excited to know whether the series will follow the same end as Craig Johnson's books or it will have a different end. They particularly want to know what will be the happen to Vic (Katee Sackhoff) and Walt's (Robert Taylor) relationship. Fans have already formed endless theories and speculations about their relationship. The latest among them is that Walt will remain single as there is a new love interest in Vic's life.

In "Longmire" Season 5 Walt has a relationship w ith Donna (Ally Walker) which extremely disappointed the fans. But the relationship has not lasted for long. One of the reasons for this failed relationship can be Walt's feelings for Vic. Vic and Travis, on the other hand, are seeing each other. Their relationship is to hide Vic's pregnancy from Walt.  Some theories hinting that finally Walt and Vic will be together in Season 6. Some reports also pointed their chemistry at the end of Season 4 to justify the theory.

Nevertheless, In "Longmire" Season 6, Walt and Vic's pairing is speculated by many. But, some fans think otherwise. According to them, it should not be like predictable Craig Johnson's books. Instead, Walt should be single and there should be a new love interest in Vic's life, according to reports.

However, "Longmire" Season 6's details are not revealed officially. This has not stopped fans from propounding theories about the final season. Many fans are eagerly waiting for Henry's storyline. The executive producers of the show have strived to give the viewers "dynamic and satisfying conclusion" to the series. Which means there is a possibility that Predictable Vic and Walt romance will not be there in the final season. 

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