‘Watch Dogs 2’ Latest News & Update: Ubisoft Deploys Second Wave ‘Seamless’ Multiplayer Features, Teases Upcoming Improvements

By RG Ferrer , Updated Nov 25, 2016 02:35 AM EST

Ubisoft recently deployed a patch update for "Watch Dogs 2" that enhanced the hacker-themed video game's gameplay features. With more improvements coming to the said game, avid fans can look forward to a more immersive multiplayer gaming experience.

"Watch Dogs 2" may have only hit gaming markets for a few weeks, however, it already received several feedbacks that included technical and stability issues. Recently, Ubisoft released game update 1.05 that addressed gaming bugs and introduced additional "seamless multiplayer" features.

Initially released on Nov. 22, the first phase of Ubisoft's "seamless multiplayer" mode was activated for "Watch Dogs 2" Xbox One players, according to an announcement posted on the game's official website. With general fixes that improved the gaming title's stability, the patch allowed players to finally access the game's multiplayer features.

Following the first patch, Ubisoft deployed its second wave of multiplayer enhancements that introduced seamless co-op mission invites and the ability to join DedSec events with other gamers. "Watch Dogs 2" players can also expect to find Bounty Hunts appearing seamlessly in the game even without the multiplayer app, as indicated in the same announcement.

Despite the improvements that game developers made, Ubisoft requested avid "Watch Dogs 2" gamers to provide them with feedback about their gaming experience or if they encounter any glitches. The gaming company explained that while they already addressed technical issues, they are still monitoring the game's online performance.

Ubisoft also mentioned that they will continue development work to ensure that the game is working well. The announced read, "We are continuing to work on making searching for activities through the multiplayer app more reliable."

Meanwhile, "Watch Dogs 2" initial launch included a multiplayer mode, however, technical issues forced Ubisoft to deactivate the said gaming feature. Prior to the release of the latest patch, several players reported to having experienced framerate problems, game lags and instances when the game would crash, Power Up Gaming reported.

"Watch Dogs 2" was released on Nov. 15 for Xbox One and PS4. Learn more about the game in the clip below:

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