‘Titanfall 2’ Release Date, News & Update: Angel City's Most Wanted DLC is Coming Nov. 30! Everything is Free for Players!

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Nov 25, 2016 03:46 AM EST

"Titanfall 2" will get its first free DLC pack called the "Angel City's Most Wanted." The downloadable content has been scheduled to be released on Nov. 30.

It was reported that the "Titanfall 2" DLC pack offers fan favorite map from previous version of the game. In addition, it will feature Titan customization kits, new weapons and more.

The map is for multiplayer gameplay and since it came from the original game, the one that will be added to "Titanfall 2" through the DLC is an upgraded version. It will include new features and other additions for the improvement of the game.

It should be noted that the map will be given out in two batches. Players who pre-ordered will get it first on Nov. 30 while the everyone else can have it on Dec. 3.

On Nov. 22, via "Titanfall 2" blog site, Respawn Entertainment outlined its programs for the game. The company also revealed details about the DLCs that it is planning to release for free.

Respawn emphasized that one important point in the DLCs it is offering to players is that everything is complimentary. This means, from maps, modes, weapons and everything that are used in the gameplay will be free of charge to everyone who purchased "Titanfall 2."

Respawn went on to explain about its decision to release free DLCs , "We believe that in order to maintain a healthy community we shouldn't be segmenting players behind paywalls for these things," the statement reads. Now, the free add-ons that players will get to enjoy once the "Titanfall 2" Angel City's Most Wanted DLC comes out are as follows:

Aside from the Angel City map mentioned earlier, players will also get the wingman elite pistol as a weapon. Plus, the Titan Kits will allow a range of customization options in the "Titanfall 2" gameplay.

Some other things to watch out for in the coming "Titanfall 2" DLC include a splitter rifle that splits 5 ways, new pilot execution move called "inner pieces" and a threat optics that allows players to highlight enemies when zoomed in.

Finally, Respawn stated that the "Titanfall 2" Angel City's Most Wanted free DLC is just the beginning as they have many plans ahead. Players can look forward to more offers and improvements in 2017.

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