GTA 5 new details discuss NPCs, missions and loading times

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Jun 27, 2013 11:21 AM EDT

While we wait for the impending arrival of the next Grand Theft Auto game in the franchise, it seems like more and more information keeps trickling in almost every day, and the current situation with the new information is no different (irrespective of the source).

The newest information for GTA 5 comes from a Reddit post after a user revealed a number of other details from the demo that, according to him, is “the info they talked about holding back in the original review”.

A few of these details include crazies and hillbillies living in the Northern part of the map, and accordingly “blurring the line” with on and off missions. There is also a number of cargo planes that were also spotted taking off over the water from a military base.

However, one of the most interesting details about the game comes in relation to one of the in-game protagonists. According to the post, one of the protagonists Franklin is working on both sides of the law, with speculations stating that he’s with the FBI.

The post states: “When Franklin jumped out of the Chopper in the demo it took 3 minutes to get to the ground. That really shows the scale.” Also, the beach area where Franklin awakens next to all the unconscious/dead members of the lost motorcycle gang is in the South Eastern area of the map.

As far as switching between characters is concerned, the developers have worked on a Google Earth-type animation that shows a zoom-out to a satellite that later zooms back in to the character of choice. This has been done to mask a loading time of roughly 15 to 20 seconds.

Underwater missions or explorations will offer an ambient score, and players will also be able to hear the character breathing. Some boats are set to carry scuba gear in case the player wants to attempt deep sea diving after messing around with someone’s rig.

Pamela Drake, a Vinewood celebrity and one time actress now almost forgotten, stated the following during the demo: “They wrote A Slut in Paris just for me. For me. The producers would wine me and dine me and do me on the couch. Things were very different in my day. Do you remember war and the exchange? Now listen to me Mr Schilling face. I don’t don’t give a —? whether you like it or not.”

The in-game world has an immense number of cars with different horns and an ambient atmosphere. Players also have the option to pay money to avail the Vinewood Tour buses.

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