MacBook Pro 2016 versus Microsoft Surface Book i7 Review, Specs, Features: Is Microsoft’s Latest Laptop Better than Apple’s? Check Out the Details

By Ivan M. , Updated Nov 25, 2016 09:28 AM EST

Two of the biggest software and hardware manufacturers in the world today, Microsoft and Apple, have recently released their best laptops and some fans are contemplating which device to choose. The Cupertino based company has rolled out the amazing MacBook Pro 2016, while the Redmond based tech giant launched its latest Microsoft Surface Book i7. One of the favorite questions raise by many interested buyers is which of these portable computers is giving the best value for money.

MacBook Pro 2016 vs. Microsoft Surface Book i7

In terms of overall design, the new Apple MacBook Pro 2016 is definitely the slimmer, thinner and sturdier than its closest competition, the Microsoft Surface Book i7. The Apple laptop also has a new revolutionary Touch Bar feature, which replaces the traditional function keys. On the other hand, the new Surface Book i7 now has a detachable screen, which transforms the device into a tablet. However, the new Microsoft laptop has gotten some criticism from several tech observers as it does not really have that much difference from its predecessor.

Nonetheless, reports are circulating that the new Microsoft Surface Book i7 edges the MacBook Pro 2016 when it comes to display technology. The former appears to have a better screen resolution with its 3000x2000 display compared to the latter's 2560x1600. The two devices also carry almost the same screen size - MacBook Pro 2016 at 13.4 inches and Microsoft Surface Book i7 at 13.5 inches.

Meanwhile, in terms of specs under the hood, both the MacBook Pro 2016 and Microsoft Surface Book i7 definitely have something to offer. The Microsoft laptop runs on Intel's Core i7 paired with Nvidia GTX 965m GPU, while the Apple MacBook Pro is powered by a Core i5 process paired with Intel Iris Graphics 540 GPU and Radeon Pro.

Although the new Microsoft Surface Book i7 appears to have better specs than MacBook Pro 2016, the competition is certainly as tight as expected. Stay tuned for more news and updates about MacBook Pro 2016 and Microsoft Surface Book i7.

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