Footage of Black Ops 2's Ray Gun Mark II from Vengeance DLC sneaks out

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jun 28, 2013 04:21 PM EDT

A recent patch from Treyarch to their hit shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 brought players a lot more than they had bargained for - in addition to a few standard fixes, the patch also brought in the new weapon that won't hit the game until July 2 at earliest, the Vengeance DLC's Ray Gun Mark II.

Treyarch was fairly quick to remove the gun from the game, but not before a few players were able to get their hands on it, and upload how the gun played on YouTube. Videos of the gun in action can be seen below.

In addition to the new weapon, the third DLC pack offers a total a four maps for the game's multiplayer mode, Cove, Detour, Rush, and a a remake of the Summit map from the first Black Ops game. In addition to the new maps, there's also a new zombie adventure, called Buried, which will feature the new Ray Gun Mark II. Doesn't look like this will feature big name talent like Uprising had with Palminteri and Liotta. Instead, players go back to controlling the "Green Run" crew, and a creepy new ghost lady type character will be joining in the melee.

Gamers may remember the original Ray Gun as a prominent weapon featured in the last few Call of Duty games, but it's unknown how this new one is different. By offering a new weapon, the Vengeance map pack is similar to the first DLC map pack offered, Revolution

As per usual, Xbox 360 players will be the first to get a hold of the DLC early next month, July 2nd. After 30 days, the DLC should then make its way to PC and PlayStation 3 platforms. Pricing should work the same as past DLC packs - 1200 MS Points for the Xbox 360, and $14.99 for PlayStation 3 and PC via Steam, and free for Season Pass holders. And be sure to enjoy the Double XP Weekend that's underway now.

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