‘Metal Gear Survive’ Release Date, News & Update: What We Know Of The Upcoming ‘Metal Gear’ Spinoff Title! Characters, Gameplay Details Revealed

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Nov 25, 2016 09:39 AM EST

When "Metal Gear Survive" release date finally happen in 2017, it will mark the first game of the franchise to be made without the involvement of the series creator Hideo Kojima. Naturally, fans of the franchise are interested how the game would compare to previous titles in the franchise. While info is scarce at the moment, here are some details already revealed regarding Konami's upcoming title.

'Metal Gear Survive' Setting

When Konami first announced "Metal Gear Survive" back in August this year, the developer likewise revealed an important aspect about its gameplay. The game will start with player's character waking up in a strange desert, reports PC Gamer. It was revealed that the upcoming title will be set after the events of the previous title in the franchise "Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes."

The strange landscape as well as the strange enemies gamers will encounter in "Metal Gear Survive" was explained by Richard Jones, Konami brand manager. Apparently, the title will be set in a separate timeline after a wormhole sucked some of the Mother Base staff into another dimension where the survivors have to fend of for themselves and, as the game title explicitly puts it, have to survive the strange, harsh environment they suddenly found themselves in.

'Metal Gear Survive' Gameplay - Action Packed Co-op Four Player Mode But Stealth Is Still Necessary

And that is where an important aspect of the "Metal Gear Survive" gameplay kicks in, its four-player co-op. To be able to survive, the players needs to cooperate with his team to make it through the game.

Konami also released a "Metal Gear Survive" gameplay trailer showcasing the game's co-op. While it is indeed action-packed, Jones clarified that the upcoming title would still require players to make use of stealth, an element that has become some sort of a trademark in previous titles of the franchise.

New Enemies In 'Metal Gear Survive'

But of course, the upcoming title would be dishing something new to the franchise as well. When "Metal Gear Survive" release date eventually arrives next year, gamers will be up against what Jones would like to call as "massive biological threats" but others are pretty sure to be zombies.

And speaking about zombies in the "Metal Gear Survive" gameplay, Hideo Kojima clarified previous speculations that the upcoming title may originally be his idea. Apparently, he had nothing to do with the new game and know next to nothing about it, reports Kotaku. If he was involved with it, he hints that he would not have put zombies in it as for him, a "Metal Gear" game is pure espionage with political fiction, leaving no room for zombies.

Interested fans will not be able to sample the new direction to be introduced by the upcoming title yet, at least not this year. "Metal Gear Survive" release date is scheduled for 2017 but a definite date is still to be announced by Konami. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for news and updates.


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