MacBook Fanboys Reveal Reason Behind Touchscreen Feature As A No-No

By Leian Kae Naduma , Updated Nov 25, 2016 09:18 AM EST

It has been years that fans of the MacBook product have been probing the brand to install the touchscreen feature like most of its market competitors. However, Apple has never revealed the reason why this feature was not installed in any of its MacBook products. Frustrated, fanboys put together a concept video which showed the possibility of why Apple should kill the idea.

 The fanboys utilized an iPad Pro running macOS but was created with a built-in metal keyboard that folds out. There are no traces of ports, trackpad, and a screen that was supposed to be damaged during the process or scratched up. In fact, according to BGR, the model was not as enticing as the real thing.

With the MacBook trackpads, it was difficult for the user to click some of the smaller menu bars and icons in macOS. This difficulty showed that the model was supposed to be maneuvered using only the touchscreen.

With the design, it was unveiled that the MacBook was not installed with the touchscreen feature as such would make unit imprecise when it came to navigation. In fact, the keyboard and touchscreen combo was labeled as one of the worst possible input setups by the fanboys.

In other news, it was reported by Digital Trends that the MacBook Pro 13-inch touch bar was getting old for the fans. Although they had been banking on finding a new feature for the model, the latest one was deemed to be similar to the previous model.

With a luxurious price for the brand, it was still deemed as elegant despite the touchscreen feature uninstalled. Despite it being labeled as not an innovative product of the MacBook franchise, the users could still enjoy any port as long as it's a USB Type-C. Have MacBook features become dull for the fans? Should the company install the touchscreen feature to make the unit more attractive?

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