Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Recall Latest News & Update: Note 4 Running on Note 7 ROM Recalled; 3-Year-Old Tablet Potentially Combustible?

By Camille Travilla , Updated Nov 25, 2016 01:24 PM EST

It's no longer news that Samsung has been recalling what could have been its best android phone to date, Samsung Note 7, following series of explosions incidents. Recent netizen reports disclosed that even its Galaxy Note 4 has been recalled!

The Korean phone manufacturer is still strained from the latest issue, yet here comes another problem at hand. Production cancellations and airports bans are only some of the known damages the product recall has brought. And now comes news of its Galaxy Note 4 receiving a recall notice.

While Samsung is still on the verge of recall and refunding all customers who bought Galaxy Note 7, one user shared a screenshot of a notification he received asking him to return his Galaxy Note 4. In response, Samsung officials responded to the post saying they really intend to recall the said device.

As it turned out, the recalled Galaxy Note 4 has been running on a Note 7 ROM. This caused another potential problem in Samsung's attempt to recall its Note 7 devices. This may hamper the company's ability to detect accurately the locations of all the problematic devices.

As of now, it is still not clear how Samsung will identify which devices belong to the Note 7 series or are older devices running on Note 7 ROM such as the Galaxy Note 4. Since some phone owners are stubborn enough and risk security, Samsung came up with precautionary measures to all its devices by blocking some of its features that can potentially cause hazards due to its software. There are reports of capping the battery life of Note 7 to 60 percent only so it will not overheat.

To date, there is no confirmation yet as to what really caused batteries of Note 7 to overcharge and eventually explode. Although Samsung is taking actions to correct potential harm, Galaxy Note 4 owners and possibly even older Samsung device owners should not be lenient.

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