'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News & Update: Players Share Mimikyu Catching Cheats, Tips & Tricks; Be Careful of This One Thing!

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Nov 25, 2016 10:46 AM EST

The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" creature known as Mimikyu apparently gets players both hyped and curious at the same time. Given that the creature has remained mysterious and quite a rare one to come across, some fans have shared their ways on how they stumbled across the Pokemon.

As some may know, Mimikyu is a newly introduced Ghost type Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" that no one has seen just yet, but is said to be hideous and terrifying. Given such appearance, Mimikyu dressed itself with a Pikachu-designed cloth, thinking that the popularity of Pikachu will rub off on its image.

While the talk of Mimikyu's story is interesting, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players are curious on how they can capture the adorable Ghost type. According to recent posts, players are to accomplish the Ghost type trial on the third island. The Thrifty Megamart trial permits players to go up against Totem Mimikyu once accomplished, after which the players can catch creatures in Megamart. From there, players will then be able to spot Mimikyu within the vicinity.

Other reports suggest that players should be patient with their trips to the location in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" as Mimikyu is known for an astonishingly low encounter rate. The same goes for its catch of capture rate, wherein some players advised ahead of time to use a Quick Ball. If the Pokemon escapes even with the Quick Ball, there might be a tendency to use a heap of load of such to acquire it.

The true extent of Mimikyu's skill is yet to be unveiled by the fans, especially as not too many managed to catch the creature just yet. For those who are yet to capture Mimikyu, the time is ripe to try your luck. Stay posted for more news and updates for "Pokemon Sun and Moon" here at GamenGuide.

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