Netflix Max suggests movies for PlayStation 3 owners [Trailer]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jul 02, 2013 11:42 AM EDT

Netflix is looking to go the Siri route with Netflix on PS3, announcing a new app coming exclusively to the Sony console. Meet "Max," a guide of sorts for the streaming video service, looking to make navigating your way through the service's various movies and television shows a little more entertaining.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through various titles in their genres, Max offers viewers a different way of going about things, shown in a trailer at the bottom of this article.

Viewers answer a few questions from Max, and based on your responses, Max comes up with a sugestion. The whole process only takes a few minutes, and there's back-ups loaded in case you don't like any of Max's initial suggestions. A few different methods are said to be employed by Max, but to date, I've only seen...

The Rating Game - Pick a category / genre, and rate a few of Max's pre-selected flicks (which you can have play right then and there if you choose). based on your responses, Max comes back with an option for you, complete with a spoken description. Watch the suggestion, or see what else he has to offer.

Unfortunately, none of his suggestions were movies that I hadn't seen or heard of before, as they had come up on a number of the "Because you watched..." suggestions, though, as far as user friendliness goes, an offer to add movies to your instant queue would be appreciated.

Besides the Rating Game, there's also:

Celebrity Mood Ring - Pick a movie from the body of works of two celebrities whose movies are basically the polar opposite of each other.

Talking Animals or Tortured Genius - Same as Celebrity Mood Ring, but uses Netflix's extremely specific genre tags instead of actors and actresses.

Max's Mystery Call - You let Max make the call for you, based on the sum total of movies and shows you've watched on the service, and the rating you've given them. Probably not the best if your Netflix has multiple viewers.

 All in all, Max seems more like a randomizer than anything else, and while it seems like a nifty feature, I can see it getting old quick. If this is the case, than thankfully, Max is quick to get out of your way so you can navigate things old school.

Max is active on your PS3 version of Netflix now, which isn't as creepy as it sounds. He'll be arriving to Netflix on other devices in the future, likely the iPad next.

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