Tekken Revolution downloads hit over 1 million, new characters added

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jul 02, 2013 11:45 AM EDT

Tekken Revolution is quickly rising to the top of the charts on the PlayStation Network. The free-to-play fighter recently hit over one million downloads, said Tekken series creator and director Katsuhiro Harada.

Harada has plans to keep current players happy, as well as bring in more, announcing the news and incentives in a recent TwitLonger.

"As a token of our appreciation, we're holding a special event," wrote Harada. Said event begins later today, and lasts until the end of the week. 1,00,000 Gold is the reward for all who log in during the event, making character customization a bit easier.

Additionally, players will earn 5 times the amount of Gift Points when using the game's major types of currency, Premium Coins and Tickets, during Ranked and Player Matches.

Similar bonuses are being offered for fight money and experience points. Players will earn 1.5 times of both during the event by playing the game's campaign (arcade) mode. But the biggest announcement is that two more characters have been added to Revolution, beefing up the game's total roster.

Jin Kazama joins to round out Revolution as the fourth Mishima male to feature in the game, and is joined by school chum Ling Xiaoyu.

With Revolution so popular and the download count rising, the odds seems good that the game will eventually make its way over to Sony's handheld, the PS Vita, sometime in the near future. Harada had previously said "If the number of downloads of PS3 becomes large, I'll port to Vita."

The fighter is a prime example of the free-to-play model actually working, instead of being a pay-to-win title like so many other games that are free-to-play in name only. If you haven't tried it, and you consider yourself a fighter fan, do give it a try. It's a nice trip down memory lane for people who actually remember jaunts to the local arcade, and is a great model to follow for Microsoft's own free-to-play fighter, Killer Instinct, for the Xbox One.

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