'Final Fantasy VI' Latest News & Update: Will It Have Another Remake Just Like Other Final Fantasy Series?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 26, 2016 04:56 AM EST

The remakes keep on coming as the years pass by. New consoles with better graphics and performance make the best game for a more immersive gameplay. Now, the expectations and waiting for the game starts with the remake of the "Final Fantasy VII" which will be released this 2017.

Now, other players and fans seem to point out the forgotten series that is "Final Fantasy VI". For numerous players, this series is said to be the best among all the series because of the long yet inspirational stories of each character in the game and the lessons learned through hope and courage.

Why Final Fantasy VI?

The reason why "Final Fantasy VI" should have a remake is the story itself and the characters involved. Although, some are even speculating about the game being connected from the previous ones, this one is genuine and unique among all. That being said, the magical world of this said game is wide and vast, which features many creatures either connected to myths from other countries and folklore.

Aside from that, it features all sides of power----beasts, man, machine, and magic. These four elements are present, which makes it even interesting at the last boss, Kefka.

Reality versus fantasy

For most people, hell and heaven exists. In "Final Fantasy VI", the medium is us, the beasts, and machines. The bottom part is demon and the higher art seems to look like Mother Mary and Jesus, which signifies heaven. Someday, when the remake will surely commence, which many know it will in the future, it will surely be an unforgettable game in history, together with music and soundtracks that fit perfectly with each emotion and theme.

With PS4 as the expected console, the game will surely make fans cry, especially for those who are expecting a remake of this game for a long time. Hopefully, this forgotten yet marvelous game will have a revival to relive what was lost.

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