'Borderlands 3' Release Date, Latest News & Update: Big Reveal On December 1 - Gearbox Software Launching Game During 'The Game Awards?'

By LA Zamora , Updated Nov 26, 2016 05:18 PM EST

After a seemingly agonizing period of drought, new updates for "Borderlands 3" have reportedly surfaced. Fans of "Borderlands" game franchise were already starting to wonder if Gearbox Software has already scrapped the project.

'Borderlands 3' Latest News & Update

The Game Awards is fast approaching and while it may not be the perfect time to unveil or launch "Borderlands 3", insiders reveal that Gearbox Software might reveal something very important during the said event. Although it was not really specified if the big reveal is about "Borderlands 3," fans are already speculating that Gearbox Software might be announcing the release date of the said game.

The chief executive of "Borderlands 3" himself teased the fans with the upcoming announcement set to happen on December 1. Randy Pitchford's reply to a fan's tweet about a possible crossover of "Duke Nukem" and "Gears Of War" made the speculations about a possible "Borderlands 3" shoot up.

'Borderlands 3' Vs. 'Duke Nukem/Gears Of War' Crossover

Skeptics would say that Randy Pitchford's statement pertaining to an announcement on December 1 is not related to "Borderlands 3." In fact, "Borderlands 3" was in no way mentioned by the exchange of tweets between "Borderlands" CEO and the fan on Twitter.

However, "Borderlands 3" is the first game that first comes to mind when Gearbox Software is mentioned. It was announced in April that "Borderlands 3" is on the game developer's pipeline. The first announcement for "Borderlands 3" took place in January 2015. 

In April 2016, Randy Pitchford reassured the fans that they will be developing "Borderlands 3." However, he also shared that Gearbox Software might not be naming it "Borderlands 3" anymore. After that event, no major updates or developments were released related to "Borderlands 3" and the fans are already clamoring for an update.

Could "Borderlands 3" be the highlight in Gearbox Software's upcoming announcement on December 1? Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "Borderlands 3" news and latest updates!


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