Microsoft Surface Phone, Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2 Release Date, Specs, Features, News & Update: Devices Arriving to Together February 2017

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 26, 2016 11:31 AM EST

Microsoft is known to deliver premium and top-notch devices to its millions of fans around the globe. With this, consumers have been clamoring for an updated lineup of various devices under the tech company's helm, which includes the Microsoft Surface Phone 2016, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, and the Microsoft Surface Book 2.

While fans were certainly disappointed that none of these iterations were unveiled during Microsoft's October event, many rumors provide a bright hope. It has been widely speculated that there is a high chance that the Microsoft Surface Phone 2016, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, and the Microsoft Surface Book 2 would be arriving together in February 2017.

Surface Phone

The new Lumia replacement is highly anticipated due to its expected high-end specs. This includes a new fingerprint sensor technology, an AMOLED Quad-HD or 4K display, Intel Kaby Lake processors, and at least 4GB of RAM. There would also be the hallmark Continuum feature that would make the Microsoft Surface Phone 2016 center on productivity and efficiency. A new dual lens camera setup is also expected on the Surface Phone. The three expected variants will also come in different screen sizes and price points.

Surface Pro 5

The 2-in-1 hybrid device will refresh the very capable Surface Pro 4. The incredible spec sheet of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 includes the similar AMOLED 4K technology, Intel Kaby Lake chipsets, and same RAM capacity as the Surface phone. USB Type-C ports are also expected to be integrated on the device.

The battery of the tablet is also said to be drastically improved, to veer away from its controversial draining issue. The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will also have a more refined Surface Pen for a more immersive and interactive usage experience. A new keyboard peripheral will also be introduced.

Surface Book 2

While Microsoft had just released a refreshed edition of the Microsoft Surface Book, there is not much that changed with the incremental improvement. However, the proper sequel in Microsoft Surface Book 2 would pack a significantly improved hardware in the same premium build. However, the powerful laptop may not see the infamous hole to be removed just yet, but fans still remain hopeful that the Microsoft Surface Book 2 would be worth the wait.

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