iPhone 8 Release Date, News & Update: Upcoming Smartphone to Feature Dual Lens Camera with 3D Capabilities? Impressive Specs & Features Revealed

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 26, 2016 11:34 AM EST

The iPhone has always been known for always stepping up and setting the standard for the top smartphone camera quality. In line with this, the tech company has been reported to work with LG for a new innovation for the iPhone 8.

The year 2017 will mark the iPhone's 10th anniversary, so it is nowhere near surprising that Apple is going big with its next flagship device, the iPhone 8. The latest scoop is that the tech giant is collaborating with LG Innotek for a camera module that is capable of 3D photography. LG Innotek is actually the exclusive supplier of the dual lens camera setup featured on the iPhone 7 Plus.

It has been reported that Apple is scouring the lens technology of LG Innotek with their own dual camera setup, which is based on its LinX acquisition itself. The Israeli startup was actually bought by Apple back in 2015. The new innovation is said to be integrated on the iPhone 8.

The startup company reportedly had a technology that gives more depth to photos through the division of digital images in three stages. Rumors have it that the Portrait Mode in the iPhone 7, predecessor of iPhone 8, actually utilizes the 3D mapping and lighting enhancements from LinX already.

Because LG Innotek already has its 3D camera and other technologies, Apple wants to apply its own innovations to reality. This joint venture is expected to yield results sometime before the year ends, so it could hopefully be integrated to the iPhone 8's feature set.

This move is not quite a surprising move from Apple, as it continues to deliver the industry leading smartphone cameras in the market. Along with the new dual lens setup, incorporating 3D photography and video would definitely add more depth to the iPhone 8. It opens the door to more possibilities, such as VR and AR.

With a rumored major redesign for the iPhone 8, it is only fitting for Apple to include a revolutionary feature. Aside from the bezel-less display with a built-in Touch ID sensor, the 3D camera is the way to go.

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