‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ Tips, News & Update: Easy Tricks To Catch That Rare Pokemon, Gen 1 Getting A Remake?

By Bernie Y. , Updated Nov 26, 2016 06:21 AM EST

It's about time to catch some rare shiny Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun & Moon" and there are just tons of ways to find them. Aside from catching these rare creatures, fans can also look forward to a remake of the Gen 1 version.

Tricks To Catch That Rare Pokemon

Digital Spy shared some easy tips on how to catch those shiny rare creatures in "Pokemon Sun & Moon." Turns out, there are several ways to catch yourself one.

"Pokemon Sun & Moon" has a built-in QR Scanner that allows players to catch Pokemon from other games, without the need to trade or look for another Poke-friend. Each Pokemon possesses a unique QR code.

For every 10 codes you scan, "Pokemon Sun & Moon" will allow you to use a special Island Scan feature that finds and spawns a rare Pokemon. If you're on Melemele Island, a lower-level Pokemon will be available with the likes of Charmander, Torchick and Totodile. If you're on Poni however, you'll catch a higher-level Pokemon.

Remember, you only have an hour to catch the rare Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun & Moon." You may also get a shiny version of the three Starter Pokemon. Check out the easy steps here.

Gen 1 Getting A Remake?

Meanwhile, Pokemongoinformer said that an insider hinted that a Gen 1 remake is currently in production at Game Freak. When you reach the second island (Akala Island) of the game, you'll find a building with a set of stairs. The building is found in the city of Heahea, near the Pokemon Center.

Head up the stairs and you'll find a familiar set up. The report said that it's a reference to the real-world "Game Freak." When you turn over to the left and talk to the man standing by the wall, he'll inform you that his team is working on a video game. He'll ask you to choose from the four colors, which symbolize the Gen 1. This could be a reference to a remake of Gen 1.

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