New Maintenance Error Message Hits PlayStation Network Systems, North America and UK Affective By the Server Error

By Kevin Panganiban , Updated Nov 27, 2016 01:13 AM EST

The PlayStation Network has been reported to be down for several PS4 users in both North America and the UK earlier this week. Although the PSN Status is now back and running for all services, a few customers are still experiencing some errors. There is still a mix of reports from players who are having difficulties getting back online as it may take some time for the PlayStation Network Systems to be back on track.

Earlier in the week, Sony has confirmed that all of their major online services were online. The PSN status were all turned to red which means that all their systems are not working during that time. According to Daily Star, both the website monitoring service and the Down Detector were experiencing major issues as well. The cause of the new maintenance error message is still unclear, but Sony is currently working on the issue to have it resolved, Daily Star reported.

Back in October 2016, the New Party system had problems that appeared to be affecting the PlayStation Network Systems as well. The error was reported at around 6pm UK time which caused some players to be kicked out due to network error. Sony didn't confirm if it was a widespread problem and was able to fix the issue later on.

Another issue was PlayStation Network was also reported in August 2016. According to Express, a hacker group was able to get into the PlayStation Network which caused PS4 and PS3 outage. One of the users even reported that the PS4 kept on timing out when the user was trying to connect to the PlayStation Network in Tennessee. Some users were unable to log in for almost an hour before the hacker group went into disrupting "GTA Online" servers. Whether these incidents are linked is yet to be cleared. Sony is continuously trying to resolve the issue as of this moment.

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