'Pokemon Go' Gen 2 Release Date, News & Update: Top 4 Best Gen 2 Creatures To Catch When It Arrives! Cheats, Tips!

By Isobel Astrid , Updated Nov 27, 2016 11:54 AM EST

"Pokemon Go" is about to take everyone by storm once again as the highly anticipated Gen 2 Pokemon has been rumored to make its debut in the game. Aside from Ditto, fans might be able to see 100 more Pokemon set to join the roster. Here are some of the best ones to find and catch as soon as it arrives.

'Pokemon Go' Gen 2: Skarmory

This silver-gray avian Pokemon features a long, metallic blue neck, legs, and tail. This "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 creature also has a set of yellow eyes, a pointed beak and teeth as well as a triangular crest on the head. Skarmory is known for its eight types of resistance and two types of immunity. It is described as a staple of every end game and a good asset to the team. Skarmory has astonishing speed, an impressive defense and only two types of disadvantages.

'Pokemon Go' Gen 2: Typhlosion

Typhlosion is a Pokemon with a bulky yet agile body. Despite being classified as a quadruped, this Pokemon has the ability of bipedal movement and can usually be seen standing on its hind legs. Its first stage version, Cyndaquil, is also dominant among Gen 2 Pokemon in the game. This "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 creature is known for its signature move, the Flamethrower. This Pokemon can also learn electric moves like the Thunderpunch. Typhlosion is also one of the few Pokemon which comes with good offensive stat and speed that perfectly compensates what it lacks on the defensive aspect.

'Pokemon Go' Gen 2: Heracross

This beetle-like Pokemon featured a blue exoskeleton and a long, pronged horn on its forehead. Male Heracross sports a cross ended horn while the female has a heart-shaped one. Heracross is considered to be a good combination of Bug and Fighting types that can be utilized in competitive battling. This "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 creature is popular for its Megahorn special attack that can cause great damage to opponents.

'Pokemon Go' Gen 2: Kingdra

Kingdra is second gen Pokemon that resembles a seahorse with a tightly curled tail. This Water/Dragon type "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 features evolves from Seadra and is known for its combined Hydro pumps and Dragon moves. It can also be noted that the yawn of a sleeping Kingdra is strong enough to create undercurrents that can easily destroy small ships. When out of the water, it is capable of making massive whirlpools and sea-born tornadoes on the surface.

These are just a few of the most powerful Gen 2 Pokemon that might appear in "Pokemon Go." Fans will be pleased to know that more of these might be added in the game soon.

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