‘Watch Dogs 2’ Latest News & Update: Multiplayer Mode Finally Released By Ubisoft? Game Features & Gameplay Details Revealed

By Muhammad Firman Akhsanu Ridho , Updated Nov 27, 2016 12:05 PM EST

After problems and postponements,now "Watch Dogs 2" is accessible to all gamers on the Xbox One and PS4 games. The online portion of the title integrates directly into the main campaign, allowing the player to invade other people's game or to invade, as well as having specific missions. 

In "Watch Dogs 2," players will find a lot of the dynamics we saw in the first Watch Dogs, but here, like everything else in the game, it appears remodeled and with new options that count towards the general progress of the player. In this guide, learn how to access the multiplayer mode of the title, or turn it off if players do not want to be bothered.

Cooperative missions Like everything in "Watch Dogs 2," the cooperative missions are accessed through the mobile of the protagonist "Marcus Holloway". Just activate it and access the "DedSec" application to get access to a list of goals. Note the ones that are marked in purple - the color indicates online tasks, which can also be accessed by markers of the same color on the map.

When players select one, it will be marked on the map as any conventional target, and when players get there, players begin the search for online partners, who can automatically enter the game without loading. Rest assured that if a teammate is not found, the mission can be completed with the player alone in "Watch Dogs 2."

On the way of "Watch Dogs 2" game's goal, on-screen prompts may draw attention to other players starting that same mission. When players join the game of other users, players participate cooperatively in their game, but the missions will also count as finished in their own application. 

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