‘Street Fighter V’ Will Be Supported By Capcom Until 2020

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Nov 28, 2016 01:00 AM EST

Even though it had quite the rough start, “Street Fighter V” has finally managed to get back on its feet and is getting its fair share of success. Proof of that is its higher competitive base than what the game had back in the days of “Street Fighter IV”, so what does that mean to Capcom?

As a start, Gamespot share a statement by Capcom that they have big plans coming for the game.
First of all, they will off support to the game until the year of 2020. This means that servers, updates and additional content may be expected during this period.

Capocom stated their desire to turn “Street Fighter V” into a competitive powerhouse, which is neither an easy task, nor one without its benefits. Even though “Street Fighter V” has more professional competitors than previous installments in the series, Capcom plan on increasing the numbers even more, reaching the full potential of the game.

Game Rant reports that Capcom does not plan on releasing another fighting game in the period and want to concentrate only on this one project. The explanation behind such a desire is simple.
Tournaments attract a lot of attention and are a great possibility to profit.

Maybe someday, Capcom will experiment and innovate with the “Street Fighter” franchise as they did with the new “Resident Evil” game, but it will be a long time, before fans see such a drastic change in the formula.

While on the topic of drastic changes, Eurogamer has one to share. The newest stage on “Street Fighter V” called “The Skies of Honor” has been banned on tournaments since it has been deemed too distracting. The stage is set on an aircraft flying over Dubai, passing through skyscrapers and delivering some amazing landscape views. Even though it is quite beautiful, the map has been banned on tournaments, since the dynamic shift in the background diverts players’ attention from the game, unlike the typical static locations.

What do you think about it, is the stage that distracting? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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