'Street Fighter V' New DLC Release Date, Update: Yoshinori Ono Comments on Akuma Release

By Michael Augustin , Updated Nov 28, 2016 07:47 AM EST

The new trailer shown during Red Bull's "Battle Grounds" event got fans excited for Akuma's possible DLC release in "Street Fighter V". However, producer Yoshinori Ono confirmed otherwise and instead he promised something else entirely different.

Ono sat down for a recent interview with Famitsu (via Siliconera) to address fans' expectations that Akuma will be in "Street Fighter V." The game producer denies the character's release. He also denies the addition of any character for that matter.

However, Ono assured that "Street Fighter V" players will still experience what was shown in the video. He has assured something great as well as unexpected. Similarly, it would be something that betrays their expectations.

Ono is expected to reveal this surprise during the "Capcom Cup 2016" tourney in December. He also took to Twitter to say that "Blanka's pocket will have something!" for "Street Fighter V" at the event.

The "Capcom Cup 2016" tournament will be held at the Esports Arena on Dec. 2. It will then move to the Anaheim Convention Center on the following day. The tournament will only feature "Street Fighter V" and 32 contestants who have qualified for the event.

It makes sense for Capcom to include Akuma to the roster, because the fighter has appeared since "Super Street Fighter II Turbo." He was also added as a crossover character in Namco's "Tekken 7: Fated Retribution," which is due for console release early 2017. Capcom would be doing its fans as well as some of the top pro players a service if ever they push through with his release.

Meanwhile, the "Street Fighter V" trailer revealed a series of hints associated with Akuma. The ruined dojo stage with a multi-armed Asura statue at the beginning and Akuma's voiceover, are among the hints. Likewise, the glowing Kanji symbol that represents the character appeared on the back of what looks like Akuma's outline.

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