‘No Man’s Sky’ Latest News & Updates: Hello Games Reveals 1.1 ‘Foundation’ Update Already Live1 More Gameplay Details Revealed

By Vittorio Hernandez , Updated Nov 28, 2016 10:00 AM EST

Hello Games surprised gamers on Monday when it rolled out the grand 1.1 “Foundation “Update of “No Man’s Sky” on Nov. 28. Sean Murray, managing director of Hello Games, confirmed the update is live which came with a large document that provided details on major changes to the game.

The live update contrasted with an official statement from Hello Games that only had vague details on the timetable of the “No Man’s Sky” grand 1.1 “Foundation” Update, Forbes reported. The statement then focused on base-building which was one of the features that became missing in the game’s development cycle.

Three Game Modes

Under the grand 1.1 “Foundation” Update of “No Man’s Sky,” game modes were increased to three. The first mode, Normal, has normal difficulty and cost of resources, while in the second mode, Creative, everything comes free and the gamer could do whatever he wants. The third mode, Survival, made the planets more dangerous and the enemies more perilous.

Another major change introduced by the grand 1.1 “Foundation” Update of “No Man’s Sky” is the availability of base-building which allows the player to construct more elaborate structures compared to what is available in the old game.

Following “Minecraft’s” Path

Mashable notes that “No Man’s Sky,” with its grand 1.1 “Foundation” Update is following the path taken before by “Minecraft.” The new game launched in May 2009 had players going around an open world which was generated procedurally. The gamers used tools to reshape what looked like an elaborate sandbox of Lego. Toward the end of 2009, the earliest version of “Minecraft’s” Survival mode came out, which is the core of the game. Later updates that added features and polished the game’s rough edges led to the evolution of both modes of “Minecraft.”

Murray defended the sparse amount of information the developer released about the grand 1.1 “Foundation” update of "No Man's Sky" because the studio did not want to discuss something it was not 100 percent sure. But Mashable pointed out not all gamers need a full roadmap, some just need tidbits of information communicated regularly as it cited the case of “Minecraft” in which players did not always knew what was coming, but Mojang made sure there were regular updates about the game.


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