LG G6 Release Date, Latest News & Updates: Iris Recognition & LG Pay Available On Its Debut On Q1 2017

By Cores Grace Malaay , Updated Nov 28, 2016 09:53 PM EST

LG's next flagship smartphone, LG G6 features are stacking up and these talks about the newest and the most supreme in mobile technology. LG G6 might also seize the crown from one of its biggest rival Samsung.

According to Slash Gear, LG G6 is expected to host iris scanning technology including LG's own mobile payment system and both of these features have been figured beforehand. Notwithstanding the upcoming changes on the smartphone, LG might stick to detachable batteries that fans always take pleasure in.

Iris recognition flaunts more accuracy and a more secure type of biometric security than fingerprints and this leads LG G6. While Samsung missed this feature on its Galaxy Note 7, Microsoft has implemented it through its Windows Hello but iOS and Android haven't taken this feature into consideration just yet.

LG has been working on the hardware requirement to execute iris recognition on LG G6, which has one essential distinction; the module merges camera sensor and the iris sensor that has cost and space benefits. The component wasn't cited as to where it would be used initially but it seems right to have this feature on LG G6.

With regard to LG Pay feature on the LG G6, the company has been trying to work on a Samsung Pay rivalry since the beginning. According to Tech Times, LG will be using Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) Technology rather than using a programmable White Card. Using MST will make LG Pay match with NFC-based terminals and standard swipe-based kiosks and Samsung Pay is utilizing the same technology.

Still and all, the removable batteries seen both in the LG G5 and V20 would remain the same on the company's preference on LG G6. Furthermore, the LG's next champion will debut on the Q1 of 2017, which is everyone's most awaited release of the Korean company.

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