'No Man's Sky' Latest News & Updates: Free Huge Foundation Update Introduces Three New Game Modes!

By Joe Marsalis , Updated Nov 28, 2016 10:28 AM EST

"No Man's Sky" players, rejoice, for Hello Games has finally come out of the dark and finally put out the Foundation Update, the first major update for the game since it launched a couple of months ago. This is Hello Games' first big attempt to win back "No Man's Sky" players after the title ran into a lot of controversies immediately after its release.

The big "No Man's Sky" update finally arrived this week after its announcement last week, as reported here on GamenGuide. According to its developer Hello Games, it's only the beginning of a new phase of the game that's arriving over the coming months.

GameSpot reports that the main draw of "No Man's Sky"'s Foundation Update is the addition of three new single-player modes to the game. First is the Normal mode, which is the original "No Man's Sky" experience that came with the game's release. Creative mode is one of the two new modes introduced.

In it, the boundless exploration experience is still retained, but players can now build their own bases using resources they find across the galaxy and aliens they can recruit. The another new single-player mode is Survival mode, which seems to be a more difficult player vs. environment experience.

Other new additions made by the Foundation Update is a better UI and graphical innovations to "No Man's Sky." Motion blur has been added to better translate the feeling of traveling through space at high speeds, and temporal anti-aliasing has also been included for prettier graphics.

On top of all this, a lot of minor but overall significant gameplay tweaks, such as increased variety in the planets players can encounter, have been made in the update. It's available now for all platforms.

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