Saints Row 4 was supposed to roll credits with a three minute Bollywood dance number

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Jul 22, 2013 09:16 AM EDT

Deep Silver and Volition’s upcoming action-adventure title Saints Row 4 is destined for big things when it finally goes official next month. And although the game is so near to release, it seems like it’s still receiving more information, with a few of them completely out of the charts.

Saints Row 4 creative director Steve Jaros, who was present at the recently concluded San Diego Comic-Con, was in a good mood to share a bit more about the game that we normally wouldn’t have ever known as these are the kinds of stuff that generally happen behind closed doors. Jaros stated that among a lot of ideas about how to end the game, one was straight out of "Slumdog Millionaire," ending the game with a three-minute Bollywood dance number.

The Bollywood number-based ending was something Volition originally envisioned when the development of the game was coming to a close. However, the idea was later negated after Jaros’ team searched for that right Bollywood track to license, while also considering creating an original tune for the same, but sadly “the stars didn’t line up.”

Moreover, according to him, that sort of an ending would’ve cost a ton of money, mainly because Volition’s motion-capture coordinator wanted to hire an entire dance troupe for the act. “So we changed the ending into something different, but the spirit of the Bollywood dance number still happens, and it’s poetry in motion,” Jaros stated, as scripted by Games Beat. “It’s so good.”

Saints Row 4 takes place a few years after The Third, and has the leader of the Third Street Saints who is now also the president of the United States. Instead of rival gangs, this time the Saints will be fighting a significantly larger threat – aliens. Players, this time around, are said to obtain superpowers as well.

“Leap tall buildings, outrun sports cars, set your enemies on fire and fling them throughout the city—all with the power of your mind! By exploiting errant code in the simulation, you will learn to break its rules, giving you powers like you’ve only imagined,” the official page states.

Saints Row 4 is currently set for an Aug. 20 release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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