'Scalebound' Latest News For Xbox One: Release Date, Trailer Speculations & Monster Hunter Kind Of Game?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 29, 2016 07:12 PM EST

"Scalebound" from Platinum Games is something players will not expect because of the new elements that will be seen in the game. In addition, the game features a huge change compared from the action-RPGs out there. Players are all familiar with the games "Monster Hunter "and "Skyrim".

However, this game combines both elements into one to have the explosive game that tells another story. Considering the graphics are great these days because of the platforms used such as Xbox One and Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 4. The game features multiplayer battle or solo with a dragon as the character's pair in the game. Aside from the gameplay, the vast world that projects lush green forests and mountains make this game explosive the time it will be released sometime in 2017.

Fighting as a duo in Scalebound and newer elements in action-RPG games

Action-RPGs are making its way to the hearts of many gamers and "Scalebound" is one of it. Based on the trailer and game play from IGN in YouTube, players can select four items from the wheel on the left side of the screen while different damaging skills are from the buttons and analog. The unique thing about this game is the damage that can be seen from enemies attacked by the player and dragon.

Yes, you fight as a pair in this game with a pet dragon by your side. Huge and terrifying boss are around the corner and the player must utilize and support the companion dragon to succeed killing the monster. Thus, when done so, experience and items are gained to strengthen the character.

Two modes to play

"Scalebound" can be played in both ways: single-player and multiplayer. In addition, players can group up together in the said game to tackle even bigger monsters that need a further beating to obtain stronger items for crafting and use and experience to progress.

The details in the game are of excellent quality and the smooth effects add up to the uniqueness of the game. Scalebound is set to be released for the PC platform and Xbox One console this early 2017 and players will experience the story of Drew in his fight for survival in the vast world of Draconis with a linked lifeline to Thudan, his companion dragon.

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