'Overwatch' Latest News & Updates: Reinhardt Is Pharah's Father

By Clarice F. Bernardo , Updated Nov 29, 2016 07:08 AM EST

The renowned team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game titled "Overwatch" is believed to have hidden stories that are yet to unfold. One of the mysteries that the fans of "Overwatch" are trying to crack is the identity of Pharah. This question has long been playing in the minds of fans. Who is Pharah's father?

Fortunately, there is a fan of "Overwatch" who has willingly shared her theory regarding the matter. In a recent report by ComicBook, Decibelle, a Reddit user, is brave in her assumption that Reinhardt could be Pharah's father.

According to Polygon Decibelle's theory has started to build when she noted that Reinhardt and Ana had exchanges of flirtatious dialogue in "Overwatch". Ana is Pharah's mother. This lead Decibelle into the thinking that the two had a relationship. Hence, Pharah is possibly the product of their love.

More so, Decibelle considered the four rare skins of heroes in "Overwatch." The four rare skins that Decibelle is pertaining to metallic, elemental, fruits-colored, and jewel.

If the fans would notice, the skin of Ana in "Overwatch" is jewel-themed while Reinhardt's is metallic. Pharah's skin is very rare as it is half metallic and half jewel-themed. Could it really be possible that the uniqueness of Pharah's skin can be traced to her lineage? Could Reinhardt really be Pharah's father?

These are purely assumptions but these assumptions actually make sense. This mystery in "Overwatch" is still yet to be answered but is really good that some fans are having their theories. This just goes to show that the fans are really engaged in the video game so they are very keen even to the slightest details.

Should Reinhardt really be the father of Pharah in "Overwatch," this would surely unlock a lot more mysteries and the fans are up for the search for the truth behind them.


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