Pixel Latest News & Update: Bizarre Image Bugs Seen On Google Phone; Issue Sent From iPhone?

By M PEO , Updated Nov 29, 2016 07:36 AM EST

The Pixel community is experiencing bizarre images from a screenshot taken using iPhone 7 Plus. The bug has been discovered after one Pixel user reported it and other Pixel owners have experienced it too.

Pixel is a new smartphone of Google which has another variant called Pixel XL. Google entered the mobile industry with its main goal to dominate other smartphone brands. Like other brands upgrading the specs of its smartphone, Pixel has upgraded itself in order to compete well in the market. However, the owners were surprised with an image bug.

In the Pixel User Community, one of the owners named Pat Obrien posted a query about a bug on his phone. He described that any screenshot image from iPhone 7 Plus within any app, may it be native or not, are distorted when it's sent to him. He added that he already asked assistance from Google but no one seems to understand his concern and no one helped him.

Apparently, the screenshot bug is not only limited to one user. Other Pixel owners have also shared their same experiences. However, one community specialist acknowledged the issue but he advised Obrien to contact Apple "as the issue is confined to iPhone 7 Plus device," which the Obrien refused.

On the Reddit community thread, one user confirmed that the screenshot issue is not limited only to iPhone 7 Plus since his wife uses iPhone 7. The user noted that this only occurs whenever he is using Google Messenger. He tried using the Textra application and set it to his default SMS app, but the screenshot seems to be fine.

Meanwhile, Google has not yet released any answer to the screen shot bug that users are experiencing. However, users are speculating that maybe it has something to do with how Pixel smartphone renders images sent from iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Hopefully, Google's team will be able to fix it with a patch release soon.


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