‘Total War: Warhammer’ DLC Release Date, Gameplay, News & Update: Durthu Skills, Abilities Revealed; Title Now Playable In Linux Systems! More Details

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Nov 29, 2016 07:36 AM EST

The "Total War: Warhammer" DLC release date finally arrives in over a week. Gamers are thrilled with the coming "Realm of the Wood Elves" update as it will upgrade the Wood Elves to a full playable race with its own set of Legendary Lords and units.

In a previous GamenGuide post regarding the upcoming "Total War: Warhammer" DLC, it was revealed that the "Realm of the Wood Elves" will give players two options for Legendary Lord where players can either choose the elven Orion or the treefolk Durthu.

An intriguing gameplay is up ahead with the arrival of the "Total War: Warhammer" DLC this December. Choosing Orion will unlock the "Elven Council" with its own perks as detailed in the previous report while choosing Durthu will likewise open up the treefolk counterpart of the council named the Gathering of the Ancients.

While Creative Assembly promised to reveal more about the Gathering of the Ancients before the "Total War: Warhammer" DLC arrives, no information has been revealed at the moment. What is revealed however, are the details about the treefolk leader Durthu.

It looks like players will have one formidable Legendary Lord to try out with the coming "Total War: Warhammer" DLC release date this December. Durthu's skills and abilities have been detailed in  a recent Total War Wiki post, and shows he is no pushover.

Players can definitely make use of Durthu's special skills with the arrival of the "Total War: Warhammer" Realm Of The Wood Elves DLC. One such skill is known as Sword of Daith which unleashes a damaging wave of power on his enemies, while Rage of Kurnous will give a factionwide weapon strength buff. His Eldest of the Ancients skill gives immunity for his army and The Lore of the Beasts will enable him to summon manticores into battle. Another skill called Howl of the Forest will give his allies buff for melee attacks while his Violent Delights will increase the strength of his own weapon.

The upcoming "Total War: Warhammer" DLC release date could not have been more well-timed for owners of Linux based PCs. Previously only available for Windows-running PCs, the game may now be played on PC running Linux as well, as reported by Softpedia.

The highly-anticipated "Total War: Warhammer" Realm of the Wood Elves DLC will launch on December 8, 2016. Be sure to follow GamenGuide for the latest news and updates on the Creative Assembly strategy title.


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