‘Kingdom Of Death: Monster’ On Track To Become The Biggest Kickstarter Of All Time

By Ceage Sotto , Updated Nov 29, 2016 11:58 AM EST

Adam Poots' unique "Horror World" has certainly garnered more than enough support for a Kickstarter fundraiser. The board game creator's "Kingdom of Death: Monster" has already raised an astonishing $5.4 million since the launch of the fundraiser in November 25.

In data shown by the tracking site Kicktraq, the fundraiser for the reprint of the fantasy horror board game is trending towards an astounding $48 million. "Kingdom of Death: Monster 1.5" might eventually outdo the totals of Kickstarter's previous biggest fundraiser campaigns.

"Kingdom Of Death: Monster" Might End Up Raising $50 Million

The board games' current trend will certainly surpass the previous biggest projects of the American public-benefit corporation. Kickstarter was able to raise $20.3 million for the Pebble Time Watch and 13.3 million for the Coolest Cooler. The previous fundraising campaign for the Kingdom of Death: Monster" in 2013 was just able to generate $2 Million, prompting a limited production run that led to copies frequently selling for $500 on Ebay.

According to Fortune, the game was able to generate more than $2 million in just two days. If the current trend continues, the Kickstarter project will be eyeing in a staggering $50 million through a 45-day campaign.

"Kingdom Of Death: Monster" A Cult Phenomenon

"Kingdom of Death: Monster" is a cooperative board game set in a nightmare horror world. It lets groups of players hunt for intelligent monsters and develop their own settlement through a self sufficient campaign. The board game includes an elaborate set of detailed and disturbing pieces that often includes sexist and misogynistic depictions of the board game's female pieces.

You can pledge to the "Kingdom Of Death: Monster 1.5" at the campaign's official page on the Kickstarter Website. Fans of the board game describes the game as artistic interpretation of Adam Poot's fantasy world and are generally impressed with the games collectible pieces.

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