Cyber Monday Latest Updates: Best Cyber Monday Tablet Deals On iPad Pro, Surface Pro & More

By Ceage Sotto , Updated Nov 29, 2016 06:24 AM EST

After the frenzy from the 2016 Black Friday Sale that saw a trashed Nike Store after customers rampaged on getting good deals for the sale, Cyber Monday's online only discounts are now official. Some retailers have already have the full list of discounts and you might want to consider getting yourself a good deal.

Of course, as most deals, not all of them are good and, according to a contributor from Forbes, the $200 discount on the Microsoft Surface pro is a far cry from the $400 discount featured on the Black Friday Sale. Just remember that the Cyber Monday sale can be as much of a scam as it would be an actual sale.

You'll can get cheaper values at any other times of the year and you'd certainly consider the fact that the holidays are just days away. But, for the time being, the sale of some of the tablets mentioned in this article might be one of the best deals you could have for the Cyber Monday sale.

Best Tablet Deals: 2016 Cyber Monday Sale

In a post from Fortune, Samsung's Galaxy Tab A will be able to get good discount from Amazon and Walmart. The 9.7 inch 16GB model will be able to get a $150 discount at Walmart, dropping the final price down to $149. You can also pick up the 7-inch, 8GB version for $84 over at Amazon.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab Pro S will be sold for $699.99 in Best Buy's sale, saving you $200 for the purchase. You can also purchase one from Target but you will have to pay $27 more for a price of $726.99. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite will also sell for $99.99, the same price from the Black Friday sale.

The 128GB WiFi iPad Pro will also be able to get an amazing discount from both Amazon and Target. The 128GB model will get a $110 discount on Amazon and will sell for $639, Target also announced that the 12.9 inch WiFi model will be available for $679.99 but you have to go through to checkout to avail the 15% sale.

Best Buy is also offering a $200 discount for Microsoft's Surface Pro 4, it will be sold for a $799.99. But for folks that missed the Black Friday Sale, the Surface Pro 4 was only sold for $599.99.

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