Kanye West News & Updates: Kim Kardashian's Real Test Will Begin After Kanye's Homecoming

By Surabhi Verma , Updated Nov 29, 2016 08:58 AM EST

It has been so many days now since Kanye West, 39 is hospitalized, the rapper still needs some time to recover as per latest reports. West, 39, remains in UCLA Medical Center after suffering an alleged breakdown Nov. 21, but he's eventually going to be released and that's when wife Kim Kardashian, 36, is going to face the greatest test in their marriage.

It is now being said that Kanye's return is going to be a real test for Kim Kardashian, as the lady will be required to be by Kanye's side all the time for his early recovery. It is alos going to require a lot of professional team approach, as per Los Angeles based marriage and family therapist Dr Wendy O'Connor.

"Kim and Kanye are going to need a lot of professional help and to stick to their care plan to get through this difficult time", added doctor Wendy. "The team plan needs to be in place before he gets home so that everyone is on board with what will be happening. This will involve his doctors, therapists, caregivers, plus Kim and Kanye so that everyone is on the same page and feels secure with the goals that are being set for him", Wendy explains further.

As per Wendy there must be a family get together at this time to keep the environment stress free and happy for Kanye. With the presence of everyone around the rapper is likely to recover soon. Kim will have to keep a proper eye on him and take care of his sleep and eating patterns. Seems that, Kim is going to have a real tough time, in the coming days.

While Kim has already been dealing with her post traumatic stress syndrome, after Paris robbery. Deep down inside, Kim must be feeling a little bit broken and fragile, as this brave woman has already been dealing with a lot recently.

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