'Luke Cage' Season 2 Latest News & Updates: Netflix To Make Way For 'The Defenders'; 'Luke Cage' Season 2 Is On The Works?

By Clarice F. Bernardo , Updated Nov 29, 2016 10:44 AM EST

It was really a sad ending for "Luke Cage" Season 1. The Harlem hero already went to Seagate Prison. This just means that he has just bid goodbye to Claire Temple, his new lady. However, the results of the pilot season of "Luke Cage" are in no way sad.

iSportsTimes recently reported that "Luke Cage" Season 1 received positive remarks from the viewers. In fact, "Luke Cage" Season 1 was even dubbed as the best Netflix small screen series.

According to Parent Herald, the success of "Luke Cage" Season 1 is probably due to the performance of its cast which is described as charismatic and confident. With this victory, the fans are clamouring for "Luke Cage" Season 2 and they are still waiting for official announcements.

The fans have learned that the reason why "Luke Cage" Season 2 is taking a while to air is to make way for "The Defenders." While the fans can understand the rationale, they still wish for "Luke Cage" Season 2 to once again grace the small screens sooner than later.

Since the reason of the delay has been made known, the fans of "Luke Cage" Season 2 are willing to wait but they, at the very least, want to be assured that a reboot is really on the works. Will they receive a response from the creators of "Luke Cage" in the coming days?

With the overwhelming support shown to "Luke Cage" Season 1, Netflix is also expecting the same for "The Defenders." This big crossover series is expected to also give the viewers stunning scenes and episodes for the fans to watch. After all, even without the promise that "Luke Cage" Season 2 will come after, the fans are always looking for shows that will pique their interests.

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