'Westwold' News And Updates: Answers To Questions About Arnold, Wyatt, The Man In Black, and more

By Armando Dela Cruz , Updated Nov 29, 2016 08:05 PM EST

HBO's droid-drama "Westworld" premiered its ninth episode last night titled "The Well-Tempered Clavier". The episode tied the remaining loose ends regarding the identity of Arnold, the multiple timelines, and Maeve's plan for an uprising. Before we carry on, however, it is worth mentioning that what you are about to read is filled with spoilers. If you have not seen the episode, I advise you right now to bolt out of this page, watch the episode, and come back.

Anyway, here is what episode nine confirmed:

Arnold is Bernard, and Bernard is Arnold: A key mystery that last night's episode revealed is that of the truth about Arnold's identity. In the episode, in an attempt to discover who Arnold is, Bernard commands Robert Ford to access his memories. It is revealed that Ford was telling the truth when he said he had built Bernard, but what he failed to mention was that he built him in the likeness of his partner, Arnold. Frustrated by the discovery of Bernard's desire to destroy his maker in absolute free will, Ford commands his creation to shoot himself.

William and The Man In Black is one and the same: This is yet to be fully confirmed, but all evidence points this as a fact. William, with whom Dolores bands together in order to get out of the park, is in fact the same man who, during the series premiere dragged her inside the barn. The theory goes that it is William that tinkered with Doloeres' code, enabling her to recollect what happened during their adventures thirtysome years ago.

Dolores killed Arnold: In the early episodes of the season, Dolores is seen talking to a man who looks like Bernard. The episode reveals that the man he is talking to is in fact Arnold from when he is still alive. In the scene where Dolores revisits the chapel and meets the "memory" of Arnold, she pleads to him for help. Arnold tells her he's unable to because she killed him.

Maeve's plans for an uprising might be a part of Ford's plan: Maeve's teaming-up with Hector is a crucial one, but in establishing the timelines, it could be easily deduced that Maeve's plans didn't completely pay off and, therefore, might have been foreseen or even orchestrated by Ford.

There are more mysteries solved in The Hollywood Reporter's article, which you can read in full here.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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