'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: A New Island Hids Legendary Character; Ash Trainer Sets Gamers Ablaze?

By Danae Parker , Updated Nov 30, 2016 07:11 PM EST

Recent news regarding "Pokemon GO" centers on the rumors that a new island would soon be added to the platform. It is believed to hold the new legendary character with stunning powers as well.

Also, rumors have surfaced that Ash would be added as a trainer in the upcoming update for "Pokemon GO." However, despite the rumors, there has been no word from Niantec regarding the update and the addition of a new island holding a new legendary character.

Moreover, it appears that this is not the first time that "Pokemon GO" was included in the controversy. To prove the latter, a former report from GamenGuide shared of some news and updates pertaining to "Pokemon Go" which are not boding well and the rumors are rife regarding a new "Pokemon" character, which is legendary in form and is called Eren.

There are even rumors arising that "Pokemon Go," its developer Niantec and Nintendo are now getting sued for the usage of Eren's name, which is tantamount to the legacy of "Attack on Titan," but despite the rising speculations for "Pokemon Go," there has been no definite proof that the creators of "Attack on Titan" have initiated a complaint against Niantec and even with Nintendo, as noted by the same post.

For the gaming enthusiasts, updates and new characters and "Pokemons" are highly anticipated. However, since there are so many speculations on board, every rumored update should be taken with caution and with a grain of salt in mind.

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