'One Piece Film: Gold' Release Date, Spoilers, Latest New & Update: New Adventures Of Captain Luffy Begins In January 2017; Details Here!

By Karen de la Cruz , Updated Nov 30, 2016 10:39 AM EST

Already released in Japan with an instant hit raking around $50 million USD throughout summer, "One Piece Film: Gold" is going to invade the big screens in the U.S., Canada and Australia. The Straw Hat Pirates adventure is going to be the next big thing for non-Japanese manga series enthusiasts.

The popular series of the Straw Hat pirates, led by Captain Luffy, which has captivated numerous fans all over the world, will unfold in the highly anticipated movie, "One Piece Film: Gold." It is said that the movie is going to be a standalone feature which will bring a brand-new saga depicting a single plot. So anyone who's not familiar with the One Piece manga series can watch it without any need for back up.

As for the synopsis of "One Piece Film: Gold", the Straw Hat pirates will be caught in an adventure in the glittering city of Gran Tesoro. The government laws do not apply here as it is an independent country chartered by the World Government. The City is a considered a sanctuary for infamous pirates, Marines, and filthy rich millionaires.

Captain Luffy and his crew, fascinated by the city's casino and multitude gold reservoir, come to Gran Teroso with the aim to hit the jackpot. They will soon meet the ruler of the city, the powerful King Gild Tesoro. He is highly ambitious and much greedy. Because he is filthy rich, he can easily win anyone to his side with money: the pirates pirated, the Marines, and even the World Government. The situation will then become disastrous for Captain Luffy and his crew. The story of "One Piece Film: Gold" will revolve around how Luffy and his crew succeed in getting out of the controls of the King Gran Tesoro.

According to reports, the movie will hit the international theaters in January 2017. The producers have dubbed "One Piece Film: Gold" in English so that non-Japanese viewers can understand and enjoy the  film better.

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