'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest, News & Updates: Global Event Urges Players To Capture 100 Miliion Pokemon Worldwide And Win A Special Prize

By Jason Glenn , Updated Nov 30, 2016 03:18 PM EST

Get your Pokeballs ready because "Pokemon Sun and Moon" just released its first multiplayer online event where players from all over the world that participates could win a useful prize. The event is currently taking place as of now and will run up until December 13.

The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players all over the world must catch and collect a total of 100 million Pokemon all together and not individually according to Kotaku Australia. If the Pokemon trainers can reach the quota each participating player will win 1,000 festival coins.

To participate in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" event, players needs to go to the Festival Plaza by pressing X on their consoles and choosing the Festival Plaza icon by tapping it. The participant will have to go inside the castle and use the PC to the right and then select the "game sync".

Then the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" player needs to make an account the PC and talk to the lady beside the PC then she will give you the option to participate in the Global Mission after you finish the Game Sync instructions. From then you can keep in track on how many Pokemon the players have contributed by talking to the lady next to the PC.

If the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players have to register their collected Pokemon into the Game Sync function before the December 13 deadline. If each participating players will win the 1,000 Festival Coins they can use it of buy items and facilities in the Festival Plaza.

In the Festival Plaza, the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players can use their winnings in recoloring their avatar's clothes, leveling up Pokemons. There are also facilities available in the Festival Plaza like the Friendship Café and Friendship Parlor that can help boost the Pokemon's happiness.

If ever the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players from all over the world can't reach the 100 million mark they will still receive a consolation prize. Once you participated in the event you are ensured to receive 100 Festival coins for joining the event.

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