'The Affair' Season 3 Spoilers & Latest News: Noah Once Again Gets Into Complicated Situation For a Woman; Fights Like He Has Never Done Before

By Tania T. Gutierrez , Updated Nov 30, 2016 10:38 AM EST

Noah will be forced to fight like never before by an unexpected next episode of “The Affair” Season 3. Once again, he will find himself in the midst of a complicated situation because of an affair.

According to the official synopsis of another riveting episode in "The Affair" Season 3, Juliette (Irene Jacob) is still trying to run away from her secrets she thought she already left behind in Paris. She and Noah (Dominic West) become closer since he finds Juliette to be an alluring prospect for him. But, what they thought of as an easy affair for them takes a dark turn because of a terrifying event. All hope for their affair is shattered as Noah tries to make sense at what happened.

According to the Vanity Fair interview of Sarah Treem, one of the writers of “The Affair” Season 3, the season hopes to explore more of the characters’ darker side without any real dramatic change in the show’s structure. She added that the philosophy behind the season is that every person has a shadow self or a darker side in his personality that can’t necessarily be seen. The series will show how this darkness can haunt and sometimes control a person if its existence is denied.

Treem also revealed that the role of Juliette in “The Affair” Season 3 has a real purpose in Noah’s life. She is used to let viewers see Noah from a new perspective during one of the most difficult times of his life. Noah needed to be in a place where he’s never been as he is no longer with Alison nor Helen. In going with the show’s theme of showing multiple sides of a situation, the new character is there to inform about the truth from another side that Noah himself could not see.

The next episode of “The Affair” Season 3 is titled “Episode 3”. Catch it and other new episodes every Sunday night on the Showtime channel.

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