Dragon Age: Inquisition has more new details

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Aug 07, 2013 11:51 AM EDT

Electronic Arts and BioWare’s upcoming RPG title Dragon Age: Inquisition has more new details via GameInformer’s September issue. The game is a cover feature on the latest issue, which reveals more new information about Inquisition’s in-game features and gameplay basics.

According to the magazine, the PC version of Dragon Age: Inquisition will be optimized for the same, and unlike the previous Dragon Age 2, the game, this time, is said to cater to mouse and keyboard, and as per BioWare’s claims, Dragon Age: Inquisition is ‘different,’ especially as in-game controls are concerned.

Dragon Age: Inquisition takes place ten years after the Darkspawn blight plagued Ferelden, with the player taking up the role of an Inquisitor in Thedas – now doomed with chaos. While the Chandry is in open war with mages, the Seekers of Truth and the Templers have split from the Chandry. During this time of crisis and a land already messed up with a complex political situation, a tear appears in the sky, opening a door to the Fade and allowing demons to enter the world.

The in-game map, in this respect, will stretch from eastern Ferelden to western Orlais, and although the current title offers a more open world than previous games, BioWare has just not built an empty million square miles of space between the important regions that players will actually look to explore while in the game.

One of the highlights of the new game, however, is the fact that multiple PC races are back for fans to utilize, and makes a return for the third title in series. This option was previously removed in the second installment of the series, with all players assuming the role of a human named Hawke.

As far as more tech-related details about the game are concerned, Dragon Age: Inquisition will utilize Frostbite 3 for offering huge areas inside the game. While the in-game content for both the current and the next generation consoles remain the same, the PS4/Xbox One/PC versions of the game are expected to be graphically better than the ones running on PS3 and Xbox 360. BioWare, on a similar note, has also claimed that Frostbite 3 is intended to bridge the gap between current-gen and next-gen.

The game’s environment is also expected be dynamic as compared to previous titles in the series and, as scripted by DSOGaming, will arrive “with multiple large locations, several different regions, places that can be explored and contrary to its predecessor, there won’t be repetitive environments. BioWare claimed that ‘each of the areas we’re building is larger than anything we’ve built before’.”

Additionally, there is also the option of manipulating in-game environments and structures. The players can use magic to restore a bridge, or convert an old outpost into an Inquisition-controlled base, with both tactical and action-based combat on the cards.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is currently set for a Q4 release on PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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