'Battlefield 2' Latest News & Update: Mod Takes The Falklands War! More Expansion Packs, DLCs Coming Very Soon?

By Muhammad Firman Akhsanu Ridho , Updated Nov 30, 2016 10:13 AM EST

That's more than 10 years since Electronic Arts launched "Battlefield 2," but despite several other titles having replaced it as the company's top FPS, there are still plenty of people who continue to revel in the online games they offer. Part of this is due to changes made to the game and one of them is called Project Reality.

Originally released in 2005, this mod gained such strength that it even received versions for Weapon 2 and 3, as well as a spiritual successor named Squad. However, in recent days those responsible for it have released a new version for "Battlefield 2" itself.

In addition to several improvements made to the game and some maps added, one of the highlights of the update is the attempt to recreate the Falklands War in "Battlefield 2." It is a conflict that occurred in 1982 and put Argentines and British in a dispute over the islands in the South Atlantic that in English Are known as Falkland.

Therefore, those who experience the modification can revive that war with weapons, equipment, uniforms and vehicles accurately portrayed. There is a good option for those who want to learn a little about the subject or who simply wants to have fun exchanging shots on a map with 8 km²  in "Battlefield 2."

This news even made some players feel like picking up the box on the shelf and installing the 300 CDs of "Battlefield 2," an extremely entertaining game where people spent hours and hours training the sniper-like sight on bots while hiding on top of a building. The problem is that, in doing so, there is a chance that reality will end the cool memory they have in FPS, because they don't know how it got saturated. 

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