League of Legends Latest News & Update: Elementalist Lux Finally Released, How Much It Costs & In-Game Presence

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 30, 2016 05:55 AM EST

"League of Legends" finally released the ultimate skin for Lux from the PBE [public beta environment] to the real servers. The wait is over because the skin can be purchased in the game right now.

Aside from that, the ultimate skin will also have new conversations, taunts, and voice lines that triggers whenever a player taunts, moves, kill an enemy, and many more. To add the effect, Riot also released new icons and ward skins that will match Lux's ultimate skin in battle. The said ultimate skin costs 3250 RP [Riot points] and is a beneficial package that contains numerous varieties.

The explosive and detailed movie: The Light Within

To assure that players of "League of Legends" know about this awaited skin, a trailer was released that marks the successful tests of the ultimate skin, which can now be bought directly from the store in-game. Moreover, there is a promo that goes with the skin just like the Project skins before, which will add a special loading border [Origin border set] of the Lux's art when waiting for everyone to finish loading.

Together with the unique splash art, buying the skin before December 13 comes to an end will also give you ward skins as an added bonus. Note that buying the skin with ward skins [Master edition] in it requires additional RP that sums up to 3950 RP, additional 700 RP.

Channeling masteries and branches of elements

Lux can change into a total of ten elements in the game. Keep in mind that players should pay attention to the small icon on top of the champion's face during battle. Depending on which branch of element starts and chooses, the combination of previous elements will result in the last form.

One example would be choosing fire first, then second will be earth. Once the player presses earth, a combination is triggered and the players get the element magma. More information about the skin can be found in the official "League of Legends" website.

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