‘One Piece’ Chapter 848 Release Date, Spoilers, News & Updates: Sanji’s Battle For Freedom; Luffy Kills Big Mom

By Mara Rev , Updated Nov 30, 2016 10:40 AM EST

In a week after the release of "One Piece" chapter 847 is another awaited chapter. Fans are looking forward to see what happens next to Luffy and the gang. Many speculations for Chapter 848 start to surface.

Luffy and Nami Imprisoned

Luffy and Nami are being held as prisoners by Big Mom but there are talks that in "One Piece" Chapter 848  , Luffy and Nami will escape in order to save Sanji. Luffy is the protagonist of "One Piece" and is also the leader of the gang. Manga readers might be seeing the end of Big Mom arc in the next chapter and speculations has it that Luffy will kill Big Mom in the next update. However, there is still no clear picture as to how the battle between Big Mom and Luffy will take place.

Chapter 847 of "One Piece" also showed that Big Mom is not in good terms with her other daughter Lola when Nami and Luffy tried to negotiate with her using her daughter's name. Big Mom is angry that her daughter rebelled and escaped Whole Cake Island ruining her plans on being the Pirate King. It is obvious that Pudding's marriage to Sanji is another one of Big Mom's scheme to hold power and become the Pirate King. "One Piece" Chapter 848 will showcase the continuation of Big Mom's scheme to become the Pirate King.

Sanji Escapes and Cancels the Wedding

Sanji, being held in Whole Cake Island might escape in order to avoid being married to Pudding. He still does not know that Luffy and Nami are being held hostage by Big Mom, and it would probably turn the tables in "One Piece" Chapter 848 when he does as he might try to push through with the marriage to keep his comrades safe. However, many reports are saying that Sanji may also have a secret plan of his own.

Avid supporters of the manga are eagerly waiting for the "One Piece" chapter 848. Additionally, fans have another reason to rejoice because according to recent reports, "One Piece" manga series dominated Japan's Manga Sales Ranking for three straight weeks.

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