Instant Games Release Date, News & Updates: Facebook Messenger Launches Instant Games Today. Here's A SneaK Peak At The Games And How To Access Them

By KILAT , Updated Nov 30, 2016 04:56 PM EST

Facebook is launching Instant Games on Messenger Tuesday, December 6, 2016. This was after the success of the simple basketball game they incorporated this year. The game was simple; a player shoots a basketball emoji to a friend, that friend taps that emoji for a one-on-one. It was a tentative step that got 1.2 billion plays in just three months.

This isn't the social media giant Facebook's first time getting its users addicted to gaming. There was Farmville and Candy Crush Saga and now, they're stepping it up a notch with Instant Games.

David Marcus, chief of Messenger, said he was shocked of the simple game's success on Messenger. This time for Instant Games, they called in the best in the field to build more and better games, instead of having a few of them.

Next week friends have more choices of Instant Games to challenge another friend on Messenger with Facebook Instant Games. The list goes from the classics like Pacman to the new favorites like EverWing.

Here's how it works. First, make sure to get the latest iOS or Android Messenger app. Start a conversation, then tap the game controller icon in the app and choose an Instant Game.

Everytime you finish a round on Instant Games, scores will be posted that people in the conversation can see. Friends can challenge you as well. Messenger users do not need to download any other apps and can search for games on Messenger or Facebook News. They can play solo or challenge friends back.

There are seventeen titles to look forward to; Words With Friends, Frenzy, Galaga and Space Invaders. You can find the list on Messenger's game control icon and Facebook.

 Instant Games is part of the effort on gaming is Facebook's strategy. Games used to play a big role when Facebook was starting on the Web. There has been a decline ever since consumers shifted to smartphones. Facebook currently has Gameroom and Oculus unit for gaming.

Facebook Messenger will be using Instant Games to bring its 1 billion users to use the app more often than the other services. Messenger is learning from its Asian alternatives China's WeChat and Japan's Line which both have money-generating games for their users.

For starters, Instant Games will be free with no in-game purchased or advertising. According to David Marcus, it's still to be determined how Messenger will generate money from Instant Games. One thing's for sure Facebook gets a 30 percent cut.

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