'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Global Event 2016 Latest News & Update: 10 Pokemon Per Player, To Amass 100 Million Pokemon In All? Bring It On!

By V Doctor , Updated Nov 30, 2016 11:13 AM EST

The first Global Mission for "Pokemon Sun and Moon" recently went live. Players are now given the task to catch 100 million creatures in "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

10 Pokemon Each Among 10 Million Trainers

GamingBolt revealed that allthough the feat seems insurmountable, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players actually only have to catch 10 Pokemon each, since the game successfully shipped 10 million copies worldwide. "Pokemon Sun and Moon" fans have until Dec. 12, 2016 to collect the millions of Pokemon together, to receive up to 2,000 Festival Coins.

Even if players fail to gather 100 million Pokemon on the deadline, they will still be given 100 coins for their efforts. The new "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Global Event 2016 will serve as a good alternative to earn Festival Coins and enhance the Festival Plaza.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" Global Event 2016: How To Register & Join

To join the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Global Event 2016, players have to register their name in the Pokemon Global Link and create a Game Sync ID. Connect the Nintendo 3DS to the internet and start "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

Open the X menu and select Festival Plaza. Next, go inside the castle and look for a PC. Choose Game Sync on the PC and click Yes to link to the internet. Choose Create Game Sync ID, which will appear on top of the screen after a successful setup. 

The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Global Mission 2016 is a community event where players can collaborate to successfully finish a common objective. Everyone who participated, even if the mission is not accomplished, will be rewarded with a consolation prize. After setting up their Game Sync ID, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players can begin catching Pokemon in the next two weeks to help finish the mission.

Inverse reported that Festival Plaza is a global connectivity for various activities in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" like trading and battling. It is expected that future events, missions and rewards will still be available at Festival Plaza.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" are currently available on the Nintendo 3DS. More updates and details on the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Global Mission are expected soon.

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