‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Latest News & Update: How To Increase Pokemon Captures To Get Global Mission Festival Coins

By RG Ferrer , Updated Nov 30, 2016 10:36 AM EST

Nintendo has issued a gaming challenge for all "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players. With a collective goal of 100 million Pokemon captures, gamers can win huge Festival Coin rewards.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" gave avid fans of the "Pokemon" Nintendo 3DS gaming franchise the chance to meet both old and new game characters, as well as explore a Hawaiian-themed world. However, one new feature would be the Global Missions where players are tasked to complete a common goal.

Recently, Nintendo unveiled its first gaming event for "Pokemon Sun and Moon." With a Pokemon capture mission, gamers are required to catch a total of 100 million Pokemon creatures within a specific time period, according to an announcement posted on the Pokemon website.

Reaching the collective goal will result in individual rewards of 1,000 Festival Coins. However, if the target is not reached, Nintendo will only reward participants with 100 Festival Coins as a consolation prize.

To participate, gamers should look for a lady wearing what appears to be a lei of flowers on her head. The said game character, found at "Pokemon Sun and Moon's" Festival Plaza castle, will be instrumental in connecting the player to the Pokemon Global Link. She can also provide updates about the cumulative tally of the Global Mission Pokemon capture challenge.

Meanwhile, many players may have already become expert Pokemon catchers from playing previous installments of the "Pokemon" Nintendo 3DS franchise. For newbies, a useful gaming tip to increase chances of getting Pokemon monsters would be to use Quick Balls, according to gaming tips posted on IGN.

Throwing the Quick Ball at the start of a battle will increase a "Pokemon Sun and Moon" gamer's chance of capturing a Pokemon. However, players will need to invest some in-game money in order to purchase the Quick Ball. Priced at P1,000, the said items are available at Route 8's Poke Mart.

Nintendo's first Global Mission for "Pokemon Sun and Moon" will run from Nov. 29 until Dec. 13. Watch the game's trailer below:

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